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Ronda, Spain: Gorge-Straddling Hill Town






Ronda, known to as the ‘The City of Dreams', has a fascinating history and is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Andalucia in southern Spain. As one of the oldest towns in Spain you'll find history around every corner in Ronda. There are traces of Ronda's origins from the Neolithic age, through the era of the Romans, the Arab age and the conquest of the ancient city by the Catholic Monarchs in 1485 through to the 19th century when Ronda was best known for the banditry in the surrounding hills and the origins of bullfighting in the Ronda bullring which still stands.




Bandolero's Museum www.museobandolero.com

Bullfighting Museum

Interpretation Centre of the New Bridge

Interpretation Centre of Wine www.museodelvinoderonda.com

Lara's Museum www.museolara.org

Museum of Hunting

Museum of the City

Peinado's Museum www.museopeinado.com


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Places of interest


Ronda's New Bridge

Arab Walls and City Gates

Arab Public Baths

Arch of Philip V

Archaeological Site of Acinipo


Cave Chapel of the Virgen de la Cabeza

City Hall

Church of the Holy Spirit

Church of Padre Jesus

Church of St. Cecilia

House of St. John Bosco

Giant's House

Merced's Convent

Palace of the Arabian King

Palace of the Marquis of Salvatierra

Palace of Mondragon

Piletas's Cave

St. Domingos's Convent

Tajo's Tree-lined Avenue

The Moctezumas’ Palace

Church of Santa Maria la Mayor

Virgen de los Dolores' Shrine